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Data Included

Group Membership and Life Events*

1 Nov 2016

Data through Sep 2016

Demography backfill

22 Mar 2016

Demography note and confidence assignment backfill - complete for Linda's, Weaver's, Omo's, and Viola's groups; Nyayo's group in progress

Sexual Cycles**

2 Nov 2016

Cycling data through Sep 2016; sexskins & pcskins through Dec 2015 and backfilled through 1997 (except for Joy's and Nzige's 1997 data, which throw a lot of errors, and Acacia's 2012 + some data for Kelly in 2012, which throw mdate errors due to a failure of the code to deal properly with data subsequent to these females' cycgaps)

Interaction Data

Apr 2016

Data through March 2016



Data until (at most) 7 days from today

Rankdates Table

14 Jul 2016

Data Through Dec 2015 (by dates assigned to obviously-adult immigrants and males > 7yrs, 5mos and residing in nonstudy groups updated through Sep 2016)

Ranks Table

13 Jul 2016

ALM through Dec 2015; ALF/ADF through Dec 2015

Min_Maxs view

1 Nov 2016

temp and rain data from Aug 1976 through Sep 2016

Princeton babase_pending tables

2 Nov 2016

wounds and pathologies (4 tables beginning with wp_), weatherhawks, neonatals, subgroup_notes, intergroup_encounters, hybridity_rawmorpho, entrydates, deaths, & corpse_info through Sep 2016

Duke babase_pending tables

Genetic Inventory: DNA

10 Oct 2015

Extracted DNA's/RNA's

Genetic Inventory: Tissue

Nov 2015

All tissues at Duke, upload of Notre Dame samples in progress

Genetic Markers: msat_reactions

16 Dec 2014

Reaction info through plate 357

Genetic Markers: msat_results

16 Dec 2014

Results data through plate 357

Genetic Markers: Genotypes

21 Nov 2012

All finalized genotypes through 21 Nov 2012. 791 indivs typed at 10 or more (of 14) loci

Fecal: Prep

13 Jun 2016

Fecal samples through 29 Aug 2015

Fecal: Results

13 Jun 2016

All hormones through 11 Feb 2015

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