rebuild_new_supergroup — rebuild the Supergroup and Delayed_Supergroup columns of the entire MEMBERS table for all individuals who have any rows that have not had their Supergroup or Delayed_Supergroup built


int rebuild_new_supergroup ( );  


This procedure queries MEMBERS to determine which individuals have any rows with NULL Supergroup or Delayed_Supergroup, and then rebuilds the Supergroup and Delayed_Supergroup columns for all of the MEMBERS rows for those individuals. The GROUPS, CENSUS (by way of MEMBERS), and BIOGRAPH tables provide the necessary data.

If the individuals have any MEMBERS rows with non-NULL Residency, LowFrequency, or GrpOfResidency, those values depended on an earlier version of the supergroup data, so this function automatically sets them all to NULL and removes any of those individuals' rows in the RESIDENCIES table.


The Supergroup and Delayed_Supergroup columns of the MEMBERS table are not automatically maintained by the system at this time.


SELECT rebuild_new_supergroup();

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