To Start Babase

The Babase system is accessed over the web. Any web browser may be used to view the data using the phpPgAdmin generic database interface. More advanced usage of the website will likely require a web browser that conforms to the international standards for the web defined by the World Wide Web Consortium , otherwise known as the W3C ,as we have put forth no particular effort to accommodate non-standards conforming browsers. The browser must support CSS2 style sheets and XHTML 1.0. Note that at the time of this writing Microsoft Internet Explorer does not provide adequate style sheet support. Other browsers that do have such support include Mozilla , Mozilla Firefox ,Apple's Safari ,and Opera. The site maintains a list of browsers supporting style sheets.

Babase's URL (web address) is . Be sure to type the s in https . This secures your web connection.

You must access most of the Babase web site using a secure communications protocol ( HTTPS ) that encrypts all communication to foil eavesdroppers and checks the identity of the web site itself. The Babase project has signed its own security certificate, the certificate that ensures you are talking with the website you think you are.[16] Our certificate expires annually and is re-generated.

Your browser probably will not trust that our website is who it says it is and so will very likely object when you first access the Babase web site, and annually thereafter. You may tell your browser to accept our certificate permanently.

[16] We do this rather than paying one of the regular certification authorities to validate our identity. These certification authorities appear to validate the identity of their customers by virtue of little more than having successfully been paid.

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