Accessing Duke's Systems and Logging In

Note that the systems described on this page are in the process of being implemented.

Implementation is expected to be complete in early 2018.

Web Page Access

Many of Babase's web pages are available to the public without restriction. However, those pages which access database content or allow data to be changed are restricted to those with Duke NetIDs. Before accessing restricted pages, your Duke NetID, its password, and a second authentication check (a.k.a. multi-factor or two-step authentication) must be provided.

If you do not have a Duke NetID, contact the lab for sponsorship.

If you do not have a 2nd level of authentication, set it up. (This requires having a Duke NetID.)

Be sure to have cookies turned on for all of the above.

Access to the Unix prompt with SSH

For most people the Babase web interface (phpPgAdmin) is all that's needed. More advanced users, particularly the data managers, require access to the Unix command prompt using SSH.

Be on Duke's network

To use SSH you must first be connected to Duke's network. Ways to do this:

Connecting with SSH

When connecting with SSH Duke requires you use 2-factor authentication. But it's not always clear what sort of password must be entered where. These are the various prompts and how to respond to them:

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