Weather Data

WEATHER_SOFTWARES (Programs used for digital weather data reporting)

The different programs used to retrieve data from the digital weather instrument. Important notes about a program's strengths or weaknesses (e.g. "this program only records its data as integers") should also be noted here.


As discussed earlier , this table has been renamed from its original name: WEATHERHAWK_SOFTWARES.

Vocabulary For

WEATHER_SOFTWARES defines values for the DIGITAL_WEATHER.WSoftware column.

Key Name: WSoftware


Special Values


The Name Column

The full name of the software.

This column may not be NULL.

WSTATIONS (Weather Stations)

The different weather stations from which meteorological data are obtained. A weather station can be a collection of instruments at a single location or a single instrument. The content of the table therefore determines whether each WSTATIONS row represents a physical location or a particular instrument. See the content of the table and the Protocol for Data Management: Amboseli Baboon Project for an explanation of the existing practice.[247]


It is a matter of usage whether an existing WSTATIONS code is retired and a new one created when replacing an instrument, or whether the existing code is re-used. See the Protocol for Data Management: Amboseli Baboon Project.

In the XYLoc column, this table provides the option to record X and Y WGS 1984 UTM Zone 37South coordinates for the weather station. When such coordinates are recorded, the source of these coordinates must also be recorded, in the Loc_Source column. That is, the XYLoc and Loc_Source columns must both be NULL, or both non-NULL.


To convert an XYLoc value into discrete X and Y coordinates, use the ST_X() and ST_Y() functions, respectively.

To create a new XYLoc value from known X and Y coordinates, use the bb_makepoint() function.

Vocabulary For

WSTATIONS defines values for WREADINGS.Wstation, RGSETUPS.Wstation, and DIGITAL_WEATHER.WStation.

Key Name: Wstation


Special Values


The XYLoc Column

The X and Y WGS 1984 UTM Zone 37South coordinates of this weather station.

This column may be NULL, when no such coordinates are known or available.

The Loc_Source Column

A textual description of the provenance of this row's XYLoc.

This column may be NULL, when coordinates are not known or available. This column may not be empty, it must contain characters, and it must contain at least one non-whitespace character.

[247] At some future time it may be desirable to extend the database by adding a location code to the WSTATIONS table. This would allow for aggregation of weather station data by location. A number of problems would have to be resolved first, notably what constitutes a location and how to reconcile any differences in the weather station instrumentation. There would also have to be a need. In the meantime simplicity is the best choice.

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