This page contains various words and phrases often used in conversation about use of the database. In order to keep everything straight, and on the same page, the following words should be used in their respective contexts.

General Babase Language

Apache/The web server - The program that serves up web pages, including the PPA pages, the wiki pages, the upcen and psionconvert programs, and the static documentation pages.

Babase 1.0/foxpro - The old system: it's programs and data, including foxpro.

Babase 2.0 - The new system: it's programs and data, including all the 3rd party software that makes it work.

Babase/the database/the Babase data - The data itself.

Babase/the Babase programs - The programs, database rules, documentation, and all other stuff we wrote.

Babase web site/the web site - All the Babase stuff you can get to over the web.

Babase wiki/The Wiki - the wiki content.

Moinmoin - the wiki software

Papio/ - The computer hardware (and maybe everything on it.)

Postgres/PostgreSQL/pg - The database software (sometimes also "the database" when it's clear in context we're talking software.)

PPA/phpPgAdmin - The generic front end that allows access to a Postgres database from the web.

Ranker - Tyler's ranker program.

SQL - the language. Entered and run in PPA/the browser.

VPN/OpenVPN - The VPN software

Login Vocabulary

Babase Login - Access to PPA and Ranker

Unix Login - Access to Papio server and VPN client (when outside Duke) -- This will get access to the Ranker program, but you will then have to use the babase login to use the ranker

Wiki Login - Access to the Wiki and Wiki Sharing/Editing

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