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Places to go for help

Babase users are encouraged to ask questions, both on the Babase mailing list and on the mailing lists setup for questions on the software which Babase is made of. The article How to Ask Questions the Smart Way provides good information on how to get answers when writing public mailing lists. When asking SQL related question it will almost certainly be a good idea to include a reference to and the entity-relationship diagrams contained therein.

For questions specific to babase write to the Babase mailing list or look through its associated archive to see if the question has not already been answered.

For questions about SQL there is PostgreSQL's mailing list for beginner's questions, PostgreSQL's mailing list for SQL questions, and the PostgreSQL general mailing list.

For questions on the Babase web interface, including how to submit SQL queries, download results, and so forth, there is the phpPgAdmin help forum.

If you have a Babase-specific question, check the Babase FAQs before asking a data manager or project leader.


Save your queries so you can re-run them later, need be. Put the really useful ones on this wiki.

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