Email Management

This page allows management of the automatically generated emails sent by papio.

Backup Notifications

The list of email addresses to which system messages, including the daily backup notification, is sent.

Note that changes to this list may take up to 24 hours to propagate to all computers.

Automatic Email

Papio can send email automatically.

Administration notes:

Only those users listed on the BabaseWikiAdminGroup page can edit these pages. Only those listed on the BabaseWikiEditorsGroup can read the pages. The public does not have any access.

Daily Automatic Email

Daily Automatic Email Text

The AutomaticEmailText is the subject and body of the email. It is sent exactly as typed in on the Wiki page, except that lines beginning with # are removed. This means that, although line breaks are re-shuffled when the wiki displays the page, where you break the lines controls the line breaks in the resulting email.

Administration notes:

The Subject: line controls the generated email's subject.

Lines before a line beginning with "Subject:" are ignored.

Empty lines are ignored between the Subject: line and the next non-empty line.

Daily Automatic Email Recipients

The AutomaticEmailRecipients page lists the recipients of the email.

Daily Automatic Email Schedule

The AutomaticEmailSchedule page controls the scheduling of the automatic email.

Reminders to Reboot the Backup Computers

Because these emails have to do with the backup system the email's recipients are the usual recipients of messages concerning backups.

The email's text is found on the RebootPapioMailText page. (Formatting is as described above.)

The scheduling of the email is controlled by the RebootPapioMailSchedule page.

Problem Notification

When there are problems with this automated email system messages are sent to the people listed on the MoinMail page.

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