Chapter 4. Baboon Data: Analyzed

Table of Contents

WBC_COUNTS (White Blood Cell Counts)
Group Membership and Life Events
DAD_DATA (Paternity analysis results)
MEMBERS (Day-by-day Group Membership)
RANKS (Rankings Within Groups)
RESIDENCIES (Group Residency, in bouts)
Physical Traits
HORMONE_KITS (KITS used to assay HORMONE concentration)
HORMONE_PREP_DATA (Lab PREParations performed on hormone samples)
HORMONE_PREP_SERIES (SERIES of Lab PREParations performed on hormone samples)
HORMONE_RESULT_DATA (RESULTs of HORMONE concentration assays)
HORMONE_SAMPLE_DATA (Tissue SAMPLEs used for HORMONE analysis)
Interpolation's 3 Fundamentals
Interpolation Visualized
The Interpolation Rules
Expectations and Implications
The Social Group Residency Rules
Which Group?
The 15/29 test
The Residency Algorithm
The Sexual Cycle Day-By-Day Tables
CYCGAPDAYS (Day-by-day Periods of No Observation)
CYCSTATS (Female Fertility Cycle States)
MDINTERVALS (Mdate to Ddate Intervals)
MMINTERVALS (Mdate to Mdate Intervals)
REPSTATS (Female Reproductive States)
Sexual Cycle Determination
Automatic Sequencing
Automatic Mdate Generation

These tables contain baboon-related data that are the result of analysis. The RANKS table holds the result of a manual analysis, its data may be updated by Babase users. The remaining tables are automatically updated in accordance with changes made to the primary baboon source data. There is no provision for manual modification of the automatically generated tables.

These tables exist because a relatively large amount of effort, either human or machine, is required to populate them. The tables store the results of that effort and make the results readily available to further analysis.

This section first presents the tables themselves. In the case of the automatically populated tables, or whatever portions of the primary source tables are automatically generated, subsequent sub-sections explain exactly how the tables are populated and so provide further insight into their content.

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