WBC_COUNTS (White Blood Cell Counts)

Results from white blood cell counting performed on blood smears collected during dartings. Contains one row for each count of a blood smear. Blood smears from a Dartid must first be recorded in the DART_SAMPLES table.

After darting, blood smears are stained using a Giemsa (or similar) stain. This allows for easy identification of different types of white blood cells when viewed under a microscope. The technician systematically scans the slide and counts the number of each cell type present until reaching a high number, usually 100 or 200. The counts are then used to estimate the proportion of each cell type present in the blood.

Occasionally, blood doesn't smear well, and the technician is unable to count even 100 cells before the smear becomes too dense to read. For these cases with lower total counts, users should consider for themselves whether or not enough cells were counted to accurately estimate cell type proportions.

Each row's Count_Date must be on or after the row's related DARTINGS.Date.

The combination of Dartid and Slide_number must be unique.

The Slide_number cannot exceed the number of blood smears recorded in the related DART_SAMPLES.Num.

Column Descriptions

WCId (WBC_Counts Identifier)

A unique integer that identifies the cell count.

This column is automatically maintained by the database, cannot be changed, and must not be NULL.

Dartid (Darting Identifier)

The DARTINGS.Dartid of the darting from which the counted blood smear was collected.

This column may not be NULL.


The date that the blood smear was counted.

This column may not be NULL.


The number of basophils counted.

This column may not be NULL.


The number of eosinophils counted.

This column may not be NULL.


The number of monocytes counted.

This column may not be NULL.


The number of lymhpocytes counted.

This column may not be NULL.


The number of neutrophils counted.

This column may not be NULL.


The LAB_PERSONNEL.Initials of the person who performed this count.

This column may not be NULL.


An integer indicating which of this Dartid's blood smear slides was counted for this row.

This column may not be NULL.


Comments or miscellaneous information about the counts on this slide.

This column may be NULL. This column may not be empty, it must contain characters, and it must contain at least one non-whitespace character.


The timestamp range during which this row's data is considered valid. See The Sys_Period Column for more information.

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