All Babase software and documentation is Open Source Free Software available to the public, presently licensed under the GNU GPL version 3.0 or later.

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The Amboseli Baboon Research Project runs Babase on Linux. Any Unix based OS, including Mac OS/X should run Babase with little difficulty. Babase will probably run on Microsoft Windows as well. All components of the runtime environment are cross platform but the build environment is Unix based so it will probably take something like Cygwin to install Babase on Microsoft Windows.


Moinmail is a framework for administering a system that automatically generates mail at regular intervals using the moinmoin wiki as the management interface. It was developed to support Babase but is completely independent.

(The above moinmail links are broken. This needs to be corrected. Someday.)


This is not actually a "program", but a series of scripts in R and SQL. This repo shows how to calculate social connectedness index (SCI) values from the data in Babase.

For a brief period of time, this repo was maintained here on this server. Before long, the people actually using and modifying the repo started their own version on GitHub. So the "official" version is no longer here. To see the latest version of the code, see the GitHub Repo.

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