The current version of the Ranker program (v1.4) for Babase was mostly developed by Karl O. Pinc, with recent modifications done by Jake Gordon. It consists of minor changes and a major bug fix to the version developed by Jun Yang. This version was based on an earlier version developed by Jun Yang and Tyler J. Brock from Fall 2006 to Spring 2007. It was Tyler's "Graduation with Distinction" project when he graduated from Duke University in 2007. Tyler's thesis has been attached to this page and includes visuals of the program as well as conceptual visuals describing how the program works.

The focus of Tyler's thesis was how to rank automatically, but for stability reasons this functionality is not in the current version of Ranker. However, we hope to include this functionality in a future version of Ranker.

Prerequisites to Running Ranker

Downloading Ranker

A zipped version of Ranker is available to download at https://papio.biology.duke.edu/ranker.tgz. Download and unzip it; this should yield a folder called "ranker". Save this "ranker" folder in an easily-accessible place on your computer (e.g. your Desktop).

Running Ranker

Software Development for Ranker

This section is currently under development.

The Ranker code currently resides under ~junyang/ranker/ on papio.biology.duke.edu. It should be managed by a source control system eventually.

Development Environment

You will need the following environment in order to be able to make changes to the ranker code:

Sign the JAR file

See instructions in signature/README.txt in the ranker development directory on papio. The signed JAR file can now be copied under install/, a symbolic link to the installation directory on papio. Note that all third-party jars must be signed by the same certificate as well, as per Java security policy. The Makefile does all these automatically.

Change Log

Ranker version 1.4 (2018-07-26)

In version 1.4, the "Interaction Start Date" and "Interaction End Date" fields have been removed from the "Chooser" UI. We have never needed to use Rank dates that were different from the Interact dates, so it was tedious and redundant entering the same dates in both the Rank Start/End Date fields and the Interaction Start/End Date fields.

Ranker version 1.3 (2018-03-27)

Ranker version 1.3 contains a few updates to reflect changes that have occurred to the database and/or the VM that hosts it.


Ranker version 1.2 (2012-11-19)

Ranker version 1.2 contains a major bug fix.


Ranker version 1.1

Ranker version 1.1 corresponds to the release of Babase 3.0 and contains the necessary fixes to account for backwards incompatible changes.


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