The Babase Wiki

The Babase website is built with this wiki. The Babase project uses this wiki to access Babase, to document Babase and it's use, and to otherwise collaborate, share documents, and so forth.

Obtaining Wiki Access

Anybody can view most pages in this wiki but permission is required to make changes and to view or edit some pages. To obtain permission:

  1. Make yourself a login by clicking on the Login link at the top left of this page. When making yourself a login it is best to choose a WikiName (like FirstnameLastname) as username. Trust us on this.

  2. Have one of the people listed on the BabaseWikiAdminGroup page grant you permission to edit this wiki. Tell them to add your login name to the BabaseWikiEditorsGroup page.

Improving The Wiki

The wiki has extensive help pages that describe how to make changes. All changes are recorded and can be undone with a click so don't be shy about changing things!

Feel free to make your own wiki page to help you be more productive.

Please help us improve the wiki!

The Security of this Wiki

Anybody can view the pages in this wiki so don't put anything here that the world should not see.

Anybody can make themselves a login but having a login grants no additional privliges.

The CurrentBabaseResearchProjects page is restricted. It can only be viewed by those in the BabaseWikiEditorsGroup, which also controls who may modifiy the rest of the wiki.

Anyone listed on the BabaseWikiAdminGroup page can read the HelpOnAccessControlLists and make more groups and have finer control over who can do what. KarlPinc can reconfigure the wiki to support other security policies if we want to go there.

Orphaned Wiki pages

The pages that no pages link to.

  1. DukeDMP
  2. DukeIDEP
  3. EditedSystemPages
  4. HelpOnMacros/EmbedObject
  5. HelpOnOpenIDProvider
  6. HelpOnSessions
  7. LaceyMaryott
  8. LocalBadContent
  9. MissingHomePage
  10. MissingPage
  11. PermissionDeniedPage
  12. ProjectGroupsTemplate
  13. ProjectTemplate
  14. WikiTipOfTheDay
  15. managingShellAcess

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