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Copying the Babase Schema

The babase-copy-babase-schema Unix program copies the entire babase schema, including data, table definitions, validation, and everything else, from one database to another. All existing data, table definitions, validation, etc is deleted from the babase schema in the target database. You must be logged in to papio and at the Unix prompt to run the program.

The following example copies the babase schema from the babase database to the babase_test database. The first database (babase) is the database to copy from, the second (babase_test) the database to copy into.

PGPASSWORD='*********' babase-copy-babase-schema YOURADMINNAME babase babase_test

The next example copies the babase scheme from the babase_test database to the babase_database. The program will not copy into the babase database unless the -f (force) flag is given.

PGPASSWORD='*********' babase-copy-babase-schema -f YOURADMINNAME babase_test babase

[YOU@papio ~]$ pg_dump --help

Killing a Process in PPA

After you have logged into the database as the administrator, select the babase database.

There is a tab along the top of the browser window with a button for Processes. Click this button.

You may have to click cancel on the process you are killing a couple of times. It will tell you that the function has failed, its just kidding!

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