You probably already know Babase's purpose and background but we keep an explanation around to which we direct the general public.

The Babase System Technical Specifications

This document describes the data structures and capabilities of Babase. It does not describe which of these capabilities are in use, how the data is collected, or the procedures used by the Babase team members when collecting, storing, and maintaining the data.

This document is available in several forms.

As web content:

As plain text:


The Babase Pocket Reference

A brief summary of Babase. A listing of the tables, views, and the ER diagrams that describe the overall structure of the database. It is available as:

Entity Relationship Diagrams

The Entity Relationship diagrams are graphical representations of the database structure. They are incorporated into the documentation but are also available as individual documents in various image formats.

Chado/Babase Documentation

Portions of the Chado database schema are being integrated into Babase. This documents both the integration and portions of Chado itself.

Babase Chado: Chado and it's Integration with the Babase System. As above, it's available in different forms:

Other Babase Documentation

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