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Group Membership and Life Events*

23 Jul 2020

Data through Jun 2020

Demography backfill

28 Aug 2018

Demography note and confidence assignment backfill - complete for Linda's, Weaver's, Omo's, Viola's, Nyayo's, and Proton's groups; Dotty's group - census/demog & female ranks complete, and swerb are complete; dcauseconfidences are tentative; and male ranks during fission need adjustment.

Sexual Cycles**

23 Jul 2020

Cycling data through Jun 2020 (data for the TZ loss and prior requires some correction once cycgaps issues are fixed); sexskins & pcskins through Dec 2016 and backfilled through 1997 (except for Joy's and Nzige's 1997 data, which throw a lot of errors, and Acacia's 2012 + some data for Kelly in 2012, which throw mdate errors due to a failure of the code to deal properly with data subsequent to these females' cycgaps)

Interaction Data

Aug 2019

Data through Jun 2019


2-3x/ each week

Data until ~(at most) 7 days previous to today

Rankdates Table


Data Through Dec 2018 (by dates assigned to obviously-adult immigrants and males > 7yrs, 5mos and residing in nonstudy groups updated through same quarter as demography and repro tables)

Ranks Table

Aug 2019

ALM/ADM through Dec 2018; ALF/ADF through Dec 2019

Min_Maxs view

23 Jul 2020

temp and rain data from Aug 1976 through Jun 2020


24 Jul 2020

WeatherHawk meterological data through Jun 2020

Wounds and Pathologies

24 Jul 2020

tables and views beginning with wp_ through Jun 2020

Princeton babase_pending tables

24 Jul 2020

neonatals, subgroups, intergroup_encounters, hybridity_rawmorpho, deaths, & corpse_info through Jun 2020

Duke babase_pending tables

Aug 2019

Predation_By, Predation_On, Human_Disturb through Jun 2019

Genetic Inventory: DNA

June 2019

Extracted DNA's/RNA's

Genetic Inventory: Tissue

June 2019

All tissues at Duke, upload of Notre Dame samples in progress

Genetic Markers: msat_reactions


Reaction info through plate 391

Genetic Markers: msat_results


Results data through plate 391

Genetic Markers: Genotypes


All finalized genotypes through end of year 2016

Fecal: Prep

13 Jun 2016

Fecal samples through 29 Aug 2015

Fecal: Results

13 Jun 2016

All hormones through 11 Feb 2015

Dataset status detail

Source Code

All of the Babase source code is freely available right here.

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We gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation for the supporting the collection of the majority of the data stored in the database; in the past decade in particular we acknowledge support from IBN 9985910, IBN 0322613, IBN 0322781, BCS 0323553, BCS 0323596, DEB 0846286, DEB 0846532 and DEB 0919200. We are also very grateful for support from the National Institute of Aging (R01AG034513-01 and P01AG031719) and the Princeton Center for the Demography of Aging (P30AG024361). We also thank the Chicago Zoological Society, the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, the L.S.B. Leakey Foundation and the National Geographic Society for support at various times over the years.

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